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Curtain Walls

A curtain wall system consists of thin and lightweight materials like aluminum and glass, making it non-structural. It transfers wind and gravity loads to the building’s structure, while providing air and water resistance to maintain an airtight interior.

Curtain walls are a versatile and efficient building solution that considers factors like thermal movement and wind resistance. They offer flexibility in glazing options, design, and aesthetics without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.


The exterior of a building is not only crucial for structural integrity but also to safeguard the building’s interior. Curtain walls provide a durable and efficient solution to protect against external elements.

Curtain walls offer a range of benefits for building owners and designers. These systems are affordable due to their use of lightweight materials, which can result in savings that compound with the size of the building. Additionally, curtain walls are energy efficient, as they resist air and water infiltration, leading to reduced costs for heating, cooling, and lighting. With the ability to install curtain walls in small or large units, and with multiple glazing and face cover options available, building owners and designers have greater flexibility in achieving a unique and modern-looking exterior design.

Key Features

Our curtain wall systems offer versatility with both stick and unitized systems, providing flexibility for your project's needs.

Our rapid installation process ensures your building is protected quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and disruptions.

Our curtain wall systems are an affordable and cost-effective solution for your building's exterior casing, without compromising on quality or performance.