Façade Design and Engineering

Expert façade design and engineering for innovative solutions that fit your project needs.

Administrative & Project Management

Efficient and Effective Execution: Our Commitment to Delivering Your Vision.


Precision meets innovation: Our state-of-the-art fabrication process ensures high-quality products that meet your unique building needs.

Site Operations

Safety-first Site Operations: Efficient and experienced team ensures seamless execution of your project.

Testing and Mock-Ups

Quality Assurance Through Testing and Mock-Ups: Precision in Your Building Envelope Solutions.

Building Access & Maintenance

Accessible and Maintained Buildings: Our Expert Solutions Ensure Safety and Efficiency.


Revolutionizing Construction: Optimizing Design and Planning with BIM Technology.

Building Physics & Sustainability

Building for the Future: Our Sustainable Solutions Enhance Comfort, Health, and Energy Efficiency.

Consulting Services

Expert Consulting Services: From Concept to Completion, We Guide Your Building Envelope Project.

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Our Story


We're a specialized firm that designs, builds, and installs exceptional architectural envelopes. Our focus is on creating innovative, high-tech facade projects that meet the demands of sustainable development. We understand that the exterior design of a building plays a critical role in expressing its unique character. That's why we work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver a custom, cost-effective solution that blends both aesthetics and technical performance to stand the test of time.
We are a leading specialty contractor in Romania's private sector, offering a comprehensive range of services for the entire building envelope. Our expertise covers design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of custom curtain wall systems, aluminium joinery, and structural glass facades. We focus on delivering intelligent, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.